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Cleanouts In The NEPA Area

When it comes to removing your junk, the last thing you want to do is waste your time, energy, or your money – which could happen if you end up hiring the wrong company. JunkIt570 is exactly who you’re looking for – we are considerate, courteous, and most importantly, efficient. If you need same day service, just let us know! Some would say we’re just about the nicest junk cleanout team you’ll find in the NEPA area.

Give us a call at 570-780-1280 if you need help with...

-Apartment Cleanout                      -Foreclosure Cleanout   

-Bereavement Cleanout               -Basement Cleanout

-Commerical Cleanout                  -Garage Cleanout

-Estate Cleanout                              -Storage Unit Cleanout

-Hoarding Cleanout                        -Hotel Cleanout

-Attic Cleanout                                  -Office Cleanout       

Estate Cleanouts

If we are meeting under these circumstances, please accept our sincerest condolences. The last thing you need to worry about at a time like this is wasting time with a company that doesn’t give you their absolute all. We value your time, so we won’t waste it. We take pride in knowing that our prices are among the lowest around the area and that we are timely, presentable, and polite. We do our best to make this process as easy as possible for you and your family, so we’ll treat you as one of our family members. We make sure the job is done right – everything is properly sorted so what stays, stays and what goes, goes. We’ll even help you rearrange items if you need. You only have to ask.

Commercial Cleanouts

Owning or managing a business means you have little time to waste. When you need unwanted items like junk, furniture, and the like, it’s essential you hire the right company. Not only are our prices extremely reasonable, we are professional, efficient, and punctual – and that’s just the beginning. Whatever you need in a quality cleanout team, you’ll find in us.

Property Cleanouts

 If you are a property manager, real estate professional, have investment properties, etc., you likely have more than one property to maintain. It’s hard to be hands-on when it comes to cleanouts, especially in multiple places. That’s where we come in – we’ve got you covered. We understand the significance of a vacant property.  We do the best job to clean out your property as quickly as possible so you can get it back on the market. For those who may have multiple property cleanouts in the future, please ask us about our discounts.

Garage Cleanouts

There are probably a million things you could be doing aside from cleaning out your garage. If the thought of moving heavy loads back and forth in an effort to organize your motley collection fills you with dread, pass it on to us! Not only will we happily move all of those heavy boxes for you, we’ll work with you to sort them and even put them in their final destinations for you. We will do all of this quickly, professionally, and courteously. Who knows, we might even put a smile on your face.  All this and our prices are among the lowest in town.

Apartment Cleanouts

If you’re a landlord you may have experienced a tenant moving out and leaving the apartment a mess. Whether you have another tenant waiting to move in or you simply need the junk removed, we can handle it efficiently and professionally. You can’t afford to waste time with unreliable companies who might overcharge or even make a bad impression on your current or future tenants. Unlike some companies that might over charge, our prices are among the lowest in the area. All of this and same day service to boot – what else can we help you with? Don’t hesitate to refer us to someone you think we could help out!

Hoarding Cleanouts

Dealing with hoarding can be quite a nasty business – literally! If you are a property owner, there may be no worse situation than finding yourself needing help with a home that has been subjected to hoarding, which can range from someone having far too many belongings to something only seen on TV. This is when it’s especially important to hire the right company – one you can depend on. Not only are we experienced, we promise not to leave until the job is done – we don’t know the meaning of “bit off more than we can chew”! Often, the people we have helped have thanked us for handling their situations quickly, professionally, and without charging them an arm and a leg. Our reviews speak for themselves!

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